April 17, 2009

night swim

in the fluid darkness
beneath the waves of bedclothes
      and flotsam
she dips slowly in
her hands leading her
in search of a pearl
on the sea-bed

drifting lazily along my currents
her searching fingers blindly exploring
      unseen crannies
her tongue seeking and tasting salt
forming new surges in my body
      of water
as she dives deeper down

she coaxes tremendous swells
and i break through the surface tension
surging high over her
but her warm mouth drinks fearlessly
      from me
and i wash over her shoulder
as harmless helpless foam

as effortlessly as a frolicking
with gentle strokes she submerges
diving deeper than before

she finds on the sea-bed
a pair of lips awaits her
gasping like an anemone

gently she teases them apart
finds within iridescent walls
      the pearl

and how she kisses and tastes and
kisses and tastes and
kisses some more

i become a whirlpool
swirling wilder and wilder
and she is right in the vortex
at the core of me

i swell and surge
barrel and break
into a towering tsunami
flooding everywhere

and how beautiful she looks
when she surfaces
hair dripping
face glistening


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