March 04, 2007

by any other name

(a idea)

i think
there are no adjectives
that can adequately describe
even a fraction of its beauty
never mind exactly
how exquisite it is
i wish there were
so those who don’t know it
who can’t see it
might at least understand
why it is so indescribably
wondrous to you and me
for us
we are born into its glory
with every breath
baptized by its radiance
with every heartbeat
yet so much has been said of it
so many voices so many words
which all too often
make me weep searing tears
that fail to thaw the hoarfrost
in my blood
when i read about the ones
people like us who are in possession
      of it
who share its splendor
were violated wounded
      even killed
by fearful ignorance

in a world of us and them
there are few who do not feel it
it is as much a blessing for them
as it is to us
it is wondrous for everyone
us and them
whatever it is we can’t now put into words
when we have courage and pride enough
we would dare to speak its name

1st - 4th March 2007


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