January 15, 2007


I had thought my heart was like
A multifaceted crystal
That reflects and changes colors
With the light -
It is not;
It is not hard
And cool to touch.

I had a dream last night
(could not remember what it was)
And saw my heart this morning:
It is no crystal -
A hot churning primordial soup
In which you have first scattered the germs
Of emotions, of life;
Out from which the first forms
Slither, crawl, evolve, walk,
Talk - and, later - will think, will feel,
Will be unable to deal,
Will cry, live life ...
Then, finally, will die
When the blazing meteorite of your heart
Hurl itself into the thriving planet of mine.

Lights out.
An implosion.
Absolute devastation.
Complete annihilation.

What will be left:
A lifeless, bloody, pulpy mass

Which I, with my dying breath
(yellow noxious gas),
Will feed to you.


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