January 18, 2007

that girl you (never) knew

who was the girl you had known
the girl you talked to talked with
the girl you thought you knew

who was that girl you had liked
that girl you had laughed with
that girl you thought you liked

had that girl changed
or did you never know her
do you think you had known her

I think she you had fancied
was a different girl
                                        not me
(you are not disappointed
                                                       I am)

I have never been that girl
I am not that girl
I will never be
                                that girl

I wonder who she was you liked
what kind of girl is she
                                                is she
everything I’m not
                                        does she
do everything I can’t
                                            can she
be everything I won’t

                                              will she
give in return everything
I didn’t

... and I realized today
you don’t know me
had never known me

you will never know


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