October 01, 2006


I can neither cook nor clean -
but in these times it shouldn’t matter -
and towards sewing I’m not too keen -
there are other things at which I’m better;

I’m not quite docile or demure -
though sometimes I might seem shy;
I’m often indecisive and I’m insecure;
I often leave without saying good-bye;

I am prone to temper and depression,
and exhibit strong loner tendencies;
I often do things beyond comprehension,
and many have said I’m hard to please.

As a girl, I’d say I am quite ordinary:
of mien, I’m afraid I’m rather plain
(though sometimes I might be plain scary) -
on the whole, I am mundane, mundane, mundane …

Now that you’ve read through the list,
I’ve a question for you, and it is this:
if these are all that I should be -
do you think you could love me?


Blogger Φ said...

If these were all you are
and nothing more
eve's mystery revealed
in phrase of four
oh yes I could..

12:18 PM  

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