May 14, 2006


i cry
sometimes in the privacy of my self
sometimes in the anonymity of the night
tears are private
the inexorable leakages of emotions
furtive thoughts and surreptitious emotions

if i were to cry
if i had to cry
let me not be the only one
when i pour out in rivulets of tears
let the skies be lachrymose too
so that my teardrops might mingle
with theirs
so that mine might be washed
away by theirs

today i realized i’ve yet to cry
for the loss of you
it’s been half a year since
and still i’ve yet to cry
for my loss of you

but the skies now begin to sniffle
(i imagine they’ve only just
  realized something had been
  taken from them)
but the skies now begin to sob
and as i await their teardrops
i gather my own raindrops
in anticipation of the moment
i might wash away
their dolorous tears
with my endless rain

that we might
(one day)
dispel each
of each


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