April 18, 2006

is this why

i swim in a thousand teardrops
and a thousand more
teardrops within each teardrop

i fracture with a thousand heartbreaks
and a thousand more
heartbreaks within each heartbreak

i am in a thousand fragments
and a thousand more
fragments within each fragment

i am lost in a thousand moments
and a thousand more
moments within each moment

i live in a thousand dreams
and a thousand more
dreams within each dream

is this why you have not found me?


Blogger Φ said...

:) omg.. how can I write a comment for this.. am speechless

is this why you have not found me..

No..I have slept
on my innate pride
knowing you are
jus deep inside
from teardrops
to waking dream
in all the fragments
of mutable and
immutable me

9:01 AM  

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