March 16, 2006

i have remembered to remember

[ what is it ]
i have remembered to remember [ ? ]

how can i recall & recollect
all that has been blown away [
private thoughts &
public words &
yesterdays’ silences ]

blown ever farther away
into time’s cobwebbed corners
receding residual dust
trickling into nothingness
history [ there & then ] has no past
destiny no future
all that remains [
yawning abysses


cavernous depressions ]
all my squinting mind’s eye sees
rapidly is fading away is dissipating
previous thoughts & words & silences
ebbing ebbing ebbing

discovering [ here & now ] however
in these fractured fragments
echoes [ faraway so close ] of the
messages i have forgotten to forget

because i know you read


Blogger Φ said...

You ensemble
fractured fragments
make me a lute
& lull me to sleep
wake me
and hold me close
close as eurythmic
swaying weed

you are read
revealed and exposed
you twist
moan and turn,
squeal out and loud
all near a half
iridescent tarn...

8:38 AM  

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