October 01, 2005


See this girl here who smiles so in her sleep?
Do not wake her – let her sleep.
See how she smiles now? When she wakes, she’ll weep.

Do not disturb her slumber – let her dream.
See how she is lost in the fabric of her dream?
Do not wake her – do not rip it by the seam.

See this ray of daylight? Draw the blinds.
Do not let the sunlight fall on her – it blinds.
See how she smiles? In dreams her love she finds.

Do not tear her away – let her stay.
See how she smiles when her dream will stay?
Do not tear them apart, each from each away.

See this girl here blissfully asleep?
Do not wake her, make her weep.
See how thus serene she will forever sleep.


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