October 04, 2005

Halved Halves

How much longer must I search
since Zeus cleaved us both in twain?
I stumble shakily on two fewer feet,
try to manage on my own – but all in vain.

The gaping wound where you severed were from me
still bleeds and pains me to this very day;
the memory that once we two had been only one
still haunts my sleep and waking hours to this day.

Where have you been sent to roam
in this wide Earth so far away from me?
I can only search these lowest depths
from which my sunken spirits cannot rise nor flee.

My Half, the greater or the lesser,
the better or the worse, of our unity:
together we had been mightier than the gods themselves,
and completed, we dwell in our own Olympus of felicity.

How much longer must I search?
Where have you been sent to roam?
Come to me that we two into one may merge,
and our two souls may each to each come home.


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