April 08, 2005


(especially dedicated to The Damsel)

In every life he exists, this tedious attention ’ho,
whose life-long ambition is his astounding Wit to show.
(But while to Wit and Fame he may long kowtow,
his achievements will always fall below –
poor bastard: however much he be gung ho,
his limited intelligence we all see and know.)
Comes he into your life, you with challenges to goad
and gratuitous accusations your way he’d throw –
for, if truth be told, has he any other goal?

So you wonder, to what tribulation his appearance you owe –
what malevolent winds this malodor your way would blow?

Ah, fairest of damsels, feel not woe!
Whenever meet you this obnoxious troll,
remember this advice (and its deed in tow):

forget about paying him a quid pro quo,
it is hardly worth it - let your annoyance go –
for to irk you has been his fatuous goal.

A spirited kick to his nether parts should you bestow,
then be on your merry way, and ignore you this asshole.


Anonymous scriptor lyricus said...

you've been reading the neo-classical poets, haven't you? heh heh =) ...

4:27 PM  
Blogger sheer said...

Yours truly have to agree. Are you perchance, under the influence of the classical poets for the poems are quite *old world.

PS: why do I not get a poem to me? I told *starry she's stealing my fren. Alas, the fickle-mindedness of friends. *giggle*

3:29 AM  
Blogger s said...


i really have no idea why i'm stuck in such a mode. really, i've only read Dryden's To My Friend, Mr Congreve in recent days - and only once, at that!

(Kel, perhaps one day ...)

9:46 AM  
Blogger junoesque said...

Thank you. Wise words indeed and I must say this is the first time I've had a poem dedicated to me! (other than roses are red...). =)

I am way past the *sshole. And I think it will be the last we shall hear of him.

Ah, pity the poem is on such an unfortunate matter. =)

4:12 AM  

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