March 06, 2005


i think,
maybe i’m happier
standing by the river-bank;
maybe i’m happy enough
to dip a toe in the river
from time to time –
even just once;
maybe the tiny happiness
a glistening, wet toe brings
  will remain
even after the water has dried off;
maybe i’d be happy
to just remember the fleeting happiness
of having once dipped my toe
in the river;

maybe that would be


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think this one is very pretty =) and insightful. i don't think it's 'sad' - but that's the onyl word that comes into mind. i'm sure that's not the definition - it's got to be something else.

ah poetry works wonders on the mind!

keep on writing =)

// me.

3:00 PM  
Blogger sheer said...

wistful. sentimental. i like.

3:56 AM  

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