March 07, 2005

Like, you?

… like, no, no, I’m not like that;
Like, I’m trying - okay? - to speak like you


What accent?
Like, I normally speak like this
one mah.

Oh come on!

Yo, don’t go ’round calling me names like that –
I mean, like, take a look at
yourself in the mirror, buddy;
like, check out the color of, like, your hair …
(like, pot callin' the kettle black, I say)
like, “fashion”, my ass.

Like, I’m not blind, you know –
I can, like, see your sneer –
and, like, what are you – a coward?
Don’t mutter!
If you have, like, anything to say,
say it to my face.

What, like, you think I don’t know
you’re really talkin’ ’bout me
when you talk about “this guy I know”,
or that “so-and-so”?

Like, why am I even bothering to explain myself?
Fuck off, asshole;
I don’t owe you an explanation.
Hell, like, why am I even tryin' to speak like you?

Forget it.
You are the snob here,
you are the fucking hypocrite.

go fuck yourgoddamnself.


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