December 18, 2004

In Memory of Memories - untitled

i can’t remember the first time i saw you
but i won’t forget that i’d ever known you

ten years ago our lives intersected
but they never did converge
instead, they ran parallel to each other
for years
close – almost touching; or, even,
glancing each other at times –
but they never did converge

and all those times i’d wondered
and all this time i’ve been wondering:
what if?
and always
what if?

what if we had met each other halfway?
what if either or both of us had said something?

but i would never know.
we would never know.

ten years later we’ve moved apart
farther and farther away
from each other
in opposite directions.

what if?

what if
one day we’re so far apart
that i’d suddenly come to see you
right in front of me
that we’d come to stand face-to-face?
what if?

what then?


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