December 20, 2004

In Memory of Memories - untitled

do you remember that one time
in art class when you’d grabbed me

grabbed me around my waist
as i stood on a three-legged stool

peering down through the crowd
that had gathered around our art teacher

as he demonstrated
the art of Chinese painting

and you’d shaken me a couple of times
and frightened the hell out of me

and when you’d finally stopped
and helped me down

i’d started yelling at you
about how dangerous it was

how i could have fallen
and how i could have been hurt

but you’d just smiled and shrugged
and calmly said (for the very first time)

“I was supporting you.”

i never could figure out why
this sentence of four simple words
meant such a great deal to me

how something uttered so casually
could remain so momentous

even now

19th – 20th Dec 2004


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