October 05, 2004

Waste & Function

Men are like the doo-doo of undigest-
      ed food: their appearance
Often preceded, announced by a loud and smelly
Fart – not something you’d like to see
Or look at or think about, but damn good
For fertilization. Not dirty, but we
Like to think they are – dogs’d
Eat them if we didn’t stop them.
Smelly - but ecological – biological waste.

Women are like the wee-wee of too much beer
And too much tea: they hit you with the
Insidious urgency of a full bladder – unrelenting-
    ly persistent, always demand attention
Immediately now now now. Threatening to
Burst out any second and embarrass you.
Actually very clean – much cleaner than you think;
And mark your personal territories.
Easily triggered - bothersome - biological function.


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