October 24, 2004


please leave a message at the tone
because i don’t think i’ll be home

say something – say anything

say casually you are wondering
how i am doing

say you haven’t seen me
for some time

say you’re thinking of me

ask if i’m happy
ask if i’m alone

say you’re thinking of
      dropping by for a visit

say when

don’t ask if it’d be fine
      with me

just say when

say you’re looking forward
      to seeing me

don’t say goodbye

when you arrive
don’t bother knocking
i’d leave the front door
unlocked for you

i’d be waiting for you
i’d be waiting for you
      to find me

and when you find me
give me a hug
give me a kiss
tell me i’d be missed

when you find me
don’t cry
don’t ask why

don’t say goodbye


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