October 31, 2004

Today’s Girl: Waiting By The Phone

You promised you’d call!
I’ll give you a ring
In a couple of days
, you’d

It’s been four days
And I’ve still not
      heard from you.

Alright, I understand
Your weekends are yours
Alone -
But you’d promised to call

I’ve started planning my schedule
Around you,
Trying to anticipate
When you’d call,
Hoping (desperately now)
For good news –
Hell, any news from you
Will be good!
Just call me.

I can’t eat,
I can’t sleep,
I’m a live wire,
I’m a rigged bomb
Waiting to explode –
Waiting for your call.
You haven’t forgotten me …
Have you?

I know a modern girl’s
Gotta take the initiative,
But I don’t want to
Bother you while you’re working
(Very industriously I hope),
And I won’t dare dream
Of pressurizing you
(All this, you realize,
Is part of my desperate
Hopefulness for
Good news from you) –
But will you hurry
      the hell up and
Call me already?!

Every day, every minute,
I keep a vigil by my phone,
Willing it to ring,
And that I’d hear from you.
Why won’t you call me?

It’s been nearly a week.
Call me, damnit;
Call me already!
Tell me you’ve got
Good news for me:

Tell me you’ve managed to
Rescue my harddrive –
Or save most of my data
Before you’d reformatted my
Entire harddrive.

You'd be my hero,
You'd be my savior -
You'd be my Superstar!

Oh call me.
Call me

I’ll be waiting by the phone
Just call.
Call me now -
I’m waiting by the goddamn phone.


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