May 22, 2004

For My Inner Child

i’ll take care of you, my baby girl
i’ll take care of you
just close your eyes and sleep, my baby girl
i’ll keep watch over you

these hurts, these pains, my baby girl
in my arms they’ll heal
you’re insecure, you’re scared, my baby girl
but i am here for you

you feel exposed, you feel naked
you feel the stealthy hands that undressed you
you feel the shame, oh the scalding shame
you feel violated

but i’ll cover you up, my baby girl
i’ll cover you up with care
these arms will shield you from those hands, my baby girl
they will mend the tears

so close your eyes and sleep, my baby girl
dream pretty, joyful dreams
these arms will keep you safe, my baby girl
even when the stars grow dim


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